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Abrizah Noor Binti Abbas

Abrizah Noor, who graduated from USA, has been in the media industry for 20 years. She started as an Executive from a medium size international company, Asatsu & Fortecom (M) Sdn Bhd and raised the ranks to be a Media Director of the same company. She was also a Media Director for Lim Kok Wing Advertising, Adsell Advertising and later became the Regional Country Manager and Director of a media monitoring company. She helped spearhead and established Inno Sentinel Sdn Bhd which is now known as Sentinel Causeway Sdn Bhd

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Norzuraini Binti Ismail

Norzuraini has more for 16 years advertising experience beginning 1997 to 2003. She began as a Media Executive at Asatsu & Fortecomm (M) Sdn Bhd and rose to become a Media Manager at Bob Kappa, Inter-Pacific & Adsell Advertising and subsequently as Assistant Country Manager & Director for a tracking company. She has wide experience in collating & compiling media information for usage of advertising & marketing companies. She is also well experience in public relations and co-coordinating of Clients/Business relationship within the industry.


Noor Aziyawati Binti Abbas

Noor Aziyawati has 9 years banking experience particularly in the field of Client servicing. In 2000, she switched to media monitoring which help her gain valuable insights and experience specially in website tracking. She is currently the Head of Operations and Director of Sentinel Causeway. Her responsibilities include quality control and ensuring that deadlines are met.

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