SQUEEKY CLEAN Kevin Ulanski is one of only three players in

Barbara Sullivan anchors a defense that is solid. (draw18) 10. Curse of the Irish women’s laxers is being in the same region as NU. Legs/Feet: I don’t feel the cold on my legs, so it’s normally just knee warmers for me. I do however recommend leggings which I wear on super cold days. Wet feet/cold aren’t fun.

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The commission hired R. Max Lohman as the city legal counsel after approving a final contract during its regular city meeting, but not without expressing concerns over. Valeche wrote to his fellow commissioners Oct. Schneekloth is currently in 10th place on the list with 118 points (35 83 118). SQUEEKY CLEAN Kevin Ulanski is one of only three players in the league with at least 10 games played and only two or fewer penalty minutes. His lone infraction came on a tripping call against the Rush on November 8.

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