Diploma fears

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You will pass a diploma in any case, because the University is profitable to you it is passed (they mined it on brains drips). To pass, you need to be a complete fucking jerk: fuck the Commission to send, to cover himself on the protection of the stale shit or something like that.

depends on the University, we have for example 5 and 4 put anyone who has a complete set of the diploma, drawings, etc., and who began to vomit from the fear-protection that used to 3 it is necessary to try to bring polyplane, the pussycat, or use drawings instead of coasters for pans, and two received only one girl that did a diploma at all, her teacher was framed or something like that, in the end, she opened the first corsac and the drawing from the paint and spoke after all 3 put

Yes, the main thing pinder more, and the questions leading to answer. My condom bitch one filled up, he fucking didn’t fuck the old, in the end, the 4-ku gave me.


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