YES, guys like Lil make millions, but the BLOW majority of

Lil Wayne on life behind bars

A still locked up Lil Wayne recently called in to Funkmaster Flex radio show, and talked about his plans for 2018 canada goose outlet future music and life behind bars which, apparently, includes making a lot of phone calls.

In addition to trying to Canada Goose Jackets call his kids on a daily basis “and you know I got a lot of kids to call,” Wayne joked he keeps in touch with people from his Young Money crew.

“I actually call [Drake] three or Canada Goose sale four times a week, but he only picks up for me once a week,” Canada Goose Parka Wayne admitted. And when it comes to Nicki Minaj, he joked, “That being my future wife, we talk every night.”

But in all seriousness, “the same goes for her, Wayne said. “I really cheap Canada Goose don’t like to disturb them and bother them in the midst of what they doing right now.

“I wake up pretty much around noon,” Wayne said of how his days often begin, and after making his rounds of calls, he digs into the fan mail to craft personal Canada Goose Outlet responses. “Once I start responding that knocks off about four or five hours of the day,” he said.

One Canada Goose online thing Wayne isn’t doing is listening to music his or anyone else’s.

“If I listen to anything, it’s sports,” he explained. “I’ve never listened to any canada goose other music but my own, and canada goose store since I’m not able to do that up in here, I don’t listen to anything. I don’t listen to nothing but my thoughts.”

Something that’s crossed his mind, he told Flex, is what his purpose is while on Riker’s Island. “Everybody says you’re here for a reason, soI try to buy canada goose jacket find that reason everyday, I search for that reason.”

But Wayne is also keeping his thoughts on collaborations he like to do when he canada goose coats released in canada goose outlet toronto factory November, with two of them being Andre 3000 and Tech N9ne. Wayne EP Not a Human Being, which is made up of tracks he composed before beginning his canada goose replica sentence on March 8, will be released on his birthday, September 27, but on the Internet.

He is not canada goose coats on sale he way smarter than you guys will ever be, because I sure none of you could come up with Canada Goose Online the sick rhymes he comes up with every canadian goose jacket day.

And yes, he commited a crime but everyone makes mistakes

Anyways, if you arrogant enough to say something about someone who has no effect on you unless YOU let them, then you are really the idiot in this situation, not lil wayne canadagoosejackets7v .

All of you even coming on here in the first place to read the article must mean you care about Wayne. He is a major rap icon and has plenty of fans out there!

He is only human like all the rest of us and makes mistakes. I do agree that duh dude you the crime pay the time, but all the haters who are saying stuff about him getting special treatment is silly. Sadly I personally know people I talk to everyday on the phone from prison who sleep till 12. That just their life there. He gets what he wants because he has money. If others don they don get anything. You have to py for everything in prison.

Ana who keeps talking crap about people spelling really dude get a life that so canada goose black friday sale childish.

I do hope in the end Wayne prevails and comes out on top once again.

If you listen to rap you can understand the struggle some artists flow buy canada goose jacket cheap about is real life for canada goose deals some of us. People who don have to go through any of that wouldn begin to understand their lyrics!

YES Lil we ALL know you have daddy day care issue and we all know you have baby mommas all over the place. Another rapper sitting behind bars, talking yet again.

The youth of today have a dis connect when it comes to their own history. They feel it does NOT affect them, therefore it does not impact them or their lives today. They feel slavery was a thing of the past, etc. But all you have to do is just look around. canada goose clearance Majority of African American men are modern day slaves today as they sit in jail. They are told when to eat, sleep, etc. Their basic freedom stripped away from them and put into another person hand. They have NO rights, no choices, no freedom, no options. We as African Americans are killing each other today more than any other culture in America history.

Are rappers the role models for our young men today? Because it seems like it NOT COOL to go to SCHOOL and make As and Bs and promote getting a COLLEGE EDUCATION. Kids in urban cities are getting bullied and even killed canada goose clearance sale for being SMART or making As and Bs, but are deemed hip and cool if they are gang bangers with a criminal record!!!

Our young kids today know all the words to a rap song, rap video or the name of the newest sneaker, but can tell you the name of the state capital in which they live in. Can name the Governor of their state. Have not registered to VOTE. Have never checked out a book at their local library. Can tell you where Africa or England is located. Can show you the direction NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST with their hands. Hasn mastered basic math or english. Doesn speak one foreign language. What wrong with this picture?

Is this what our young men aspire to mimic? Is this the message your GOD GIVEN talent is sending? When are rappers going to START setting the tone that being EDUCATED is THEE most important issue facing our young African American men today. WHEN are not just rappers, but athletes, musicians, etc. ALL going to start focusing on EDUCATION and PREACHING the important of getting a good education?

Majority of rappers are canada goose outlet store locations history because they didn PLAN for the future. Making millions does NOT make you WEALTHY or successful. YES, guys like Lil make millions, but the BLOW majority of what they Canada Goose Coats On Sale make just as quickly. How much gold can you put in your dam mouth before you look utterly stupid? Who goes around wearing jewelry bigger than a car license plate around their neck anymore? How many times do we need to see rappers throwing $1 bills all over the place and holding up bottles of Crystal? These cats aren wealthy related website .

It NO wonder many Hip Hop millionaires are BROKE and owe millions to the IRS. They lived in the never paying attention to their finances, NEVER thinking or planning for longevity. That why the IRS loves rappers.

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